The Band

United Wire (and Three Star Music) proudly present United Wire’s 2nd studio album Blue Rope.

This eleven song album was recorded in the unique setting of Edinburgh’s Inch House Studios – which have been associated with many burgeoning acts over the last 30 years, most notably the place where Shirley Manson (of Garbage) formerly rehearsed with 80’s rockers Goodbye Mr Mackenzie.

The songs on Blue Rope are the sole creation of Roy W Taylor (aka Ross Taylor) former songwriter, guitarist and erstwhile lead vocalist of Edinburgh power pop rockers Dropkick.

Blue Rope is however a significant departure from Roy W’s time with Dropkick.  Introspective, melodic and at times wistful, the songs reach back to a time of growing up and going back to a hometown in rural Aberdeenshire with its unrelenting winters and temperate summers.

These songs are mostly inspired by living in the immense shadow of both the Cairngorm and Grampian mountain ranges with the meandering River Dee running spine like in through them.  These days Roy calls Edinburgh home but the pull north is still undeniable.  After years living and working in Edinburgh Roy has continually sought his creative inspiration from the area he grew up in, it’s people and its way of life.

Music has played a major part too in the process.  Roy’s songwriting began many years earlier in his first band – The Sundowns who’s main influences were acts from across the atlantic: bands like Uncle Tupelo, The Jayhawks and Whiskeytown.

You can still detect these strains in United Wire’s sound today along with other prominent influence from acts as diverse as Thin Lizzy, Neil young, Teenage Fanclub, Chuck Berry, The Lemonheads, Loretta Lynn, The Carpenters, Belle and Sebastien and many others.

As alluded to earlier, Blue Rope follows United Wire’s somewhat under the radar eponymous release in 2011/2012 which due to its toe in the water nature is now something of a rarity with only a few hundred copies in existence.  Much of the reason for this was due to a hiatus from United Wire in 2013 when Roy made the spontaneous decision to re-join Dropkick.

This return was in effect an 18 month farewell to a band Roy will always feel a huge part of and holds in the highest regard.  Roy left in 2015 to permanently form United Wire and begin recording, in ernest, what is now Blue Rope.

With Roy in United Wire are the prodigious talents of Andrew Taylor (Dropkick) on drums and vocals and the equally prodigious pedal steel guitar playing of Tim Davidson (formerly of Attic Lights).

So please enjoy the album and look out for tour dates and music videos featuring some of the album tracks.

Roy W Taylor